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nikola pesic

Nikola Pešić was born in Pirot (Serbia), where he began his music path at the age of nine at the elementary school for music education in the class of prof. Yuri  Kireicuk  and Tatiana Slivinskaya (Ukraine). After graduation from the High School of Music in Nis he enrolled in the Faculty of Arts in Nis, Department of Piano, at first with Prof. Aleksandar Serdar and then with Prof. Zoran Jančić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in whose class he graduates with the highest grade. Obtaining a diploma from the class of Prof. Jančić, he joints the fifth generation of pedagogical and piano family tree, originated by famous Franz Liszt. Since September 2010 Nikola has been employed as a piano professor and accompanist at the music school "Dr. Dragutin Gostuški" in Pirot and his students  achieve remarkable results in both national and international contests.                                       

In May 2016 he successfully graduates from the course of music performance at the University of Arts in Bern, Switzerland (Hochschule der Künste Bern), from the class of Prof. Patricia Pagny (France), obtaining a Master’s degree. At the moment he is a Master’s student in music pedagogy at the same University. Alongside the piano, he has also studied fortepiano with Prof. Edoardo Torbianelli (Italy), harpsichord with Prof. Takashi Watanabe (Japan), as well as contemporary music with Prof. Pierre Sublet (Switzerland). Nikola has collaborated with many prominent professors and artists: prof. Aleksandar Serdar, prof. Marija Dinov Vasic, masterclass with prof. Michael Leslie (Royal Academy in Glasgow), summer school within the festival “Ohridsko kulturno leto” with Boris Romanov (Russia), Tatiana Koruntskaya (Switzerland), Barbara Doll, Patrik Jüdt (Germany), Robert Morawski (The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Poland), Mayumi Seiler, Yukiko Sugawara (Japan).

As a student, he has performed at almost all the concerts organized by the university, either as a soloist or as a member of the piano duo. Outstanding is his participation in the project “Integral Performance of all the pieces for piano and orchestra by L. van Beethoven” where played Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 4 in G-Major, in Niš (Serbia) and in Skopje (FYRM). Nikola won numerous awards in Piano competitions. He actively performs as a soloist and chamber musician throughout Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy, Serbia, etc.  As well, he performed with the OperaVox orchestra (Romania), conducted by Salvatore Cicero (Switzerland, Italy) and was privileged to accompany the “Martinu Project” sextet and perform at the Excellence Chamber Music Concert in Bern. As a result of close collaboration with other colleagues from the Prof. Pagny’s class, Tasti’Era and supported by Yamaha Europe Nikola recorded a humanitarian CD titled “Opus 1” which has been aiming to aid the children of Africa. Another noteworthy project he took part in was done in collaboration with the publishing house Acathus Music, wherein he recorded a CD and video records as part of a piano book under the name “Flying Fingers”, written by Daniel Hellbach (Switzerland). His talent has several times been awarded with scholarships: The Foundation of Rita Zimmermann, Dr. Pierre i Marie Spring-Tschanz in Bern and The Foundation of Irène Dénéréaz in Lausanne.